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Sparkling rise of Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have risen to prominence as the newest gleam in the realm of ecological and ethical jewellery. Heat and pressure are used to create lab-grown diamonds (much like their earth-based counterparts). These diamonds are formed using machinery, either a High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) system or a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) system, rather than an aged planet. Nearly 70% of millennials admits they would purchase a lab-grown alternative over a traditionally mined diamond. Jaubalet Paris can guarantee that lab-grown diamonds are created without causing environmental or humanitarian disasters.

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Sustainable and Ethical Jewellery Certifications

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Diamonds mined in a conflict zone and sold to fund an insurrection, an invading army's war operations, or a warlord's activities are known as blood diamonds. Ethical sourcing reassures the clients that their purchases are not linked to financing any of such conflicts. Clients can trace back their precious stones back to their source.

Fairmined: In the case of precious metals, the label, which was established in 2009, "attests to the provenance of gold produced by autonomous, responsible, artisanal, and small-scale mines," with the goal of "transforming mining into a positive force that ensures social development and environmental protection." The equitable payment of workers, the restricted or non-existent use of chemicals during mining, and even the absence of children in the mines are all assurances provided by this standard.

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The Kimberley Process: which was launched in 2000 by governments, the diamond industry, and civil society, is credited with putting a stop to conflict diamond trading through a certification system. While the program has been widely panned since its inception, it is the industry's first response to a common practice in African countries. 81 states are represented as of this date. Meanwhile, stones that have not been involved in the war are labelled as "conflict-free."

The Responsible Jewellery Council: a non-profit standards and certification organization, is in charge of ensuring that its 1,100 member firms follow responsible business practices when it comes to diamonds (and) gold and platinum group metals. Its code of good practice addresses concerns like human rights and the effects of mining on the environment.

Jaubalet Paris is fully committed to ethical jewellery with accolades from the Responsible Jewellery council and Affiliation from Kimberley Process both highlighting the measures taken by us to ensure that our clients only get ethically mined diamonds and traceable sustainable jewellery.

Ethical Jewellery: Rise of Recycled Jewellery

It is possible to recycle precious metals. Silver and gold can be melted down and rebuilt into new jewellery with ease. They do not lose their properties when melted down and reused, which is beneficial to both the environment and the economy.
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Gemstones may also be recycled, albeit it is more complicated (and typically less economical). However, to be sustainable we encourage our clients to bring their family gemstone or jewellery at our Paris workshop so that we can create an elegant new jewellery or add them to create a new creation with options to personalize.

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Because recycled stones might be difficult to come by, ethically sourced gems are the next best thing. We invite all our clients to inquire about our suppliers, we only affiliate with those suppliers who follows ethical industry standards, and we provide 100% traceable gemstones, so that you can know the exact place from where your gemstone is sourced. Our sourcing procedures are as transparent as possible. Our affiliation with suppliers includes workers' rights to be mentioned, health and safety to be discussed, fair pay practices to be demonstrated, and ethical sourcing to not be linked to any conflicts.

It will also include sustainable methods and indicate that the environmental effect has been evaluated and any flaws have been addressed.

How to act and contribute to Ethical Jewellery?

Consider Renting

Buying sustainable and ethical jewellery is something that most of us will only do a few times in our lives. With this in mind, we have a desire to buy a piece of jewellery that reflects our lifestyle and ideologies. You can rent a piece of jewellery that is ethical and lay your hands on different jewellery with every new renting. It will reduce your financial commitment and prevent a new gemstone to be mined from conflicted regions. Jaubalet Paris offers you renting service in engagement rings, wedding bands and all rings with 18K gold and lab-grown diamonds. Check our page to know more about it!

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Personal Research

While scrolling for jewellery make sure you visit the “About Us” or “Brand Values” page. These pages are dedicated to showcasing the sustainability commitment of the brand on ethical jewellery. It has detailed reports and blogs consisting of supplier information, pollution control, traceability, waste management, fair wages and working conditions for workers and giving back to society. The ways the brand is helping to resolve any of these problems. For example, There are ethical miners in Sri Lanka who has pledged to share a percentage of their profit to Sri Lankan educational organisations.

Verification System

There are various methods for determining the origin of a diamond. Verification and traceability solutions such as Forevermark and Everledger exist in addition to the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process, which began in 2003 and is still in use today, is the primary method of demonstrating that a diamond originates from a conflict-free nation, though it does not guarantee or prove where it originated from. Another approach to detecting natural, untreated diamonds from conflict-free areas is to look for the Forevermark. Everledger is a secure registry that keeps track of each gem's supply chain and certifies it in a digital vault (rather than a paper certificate which is easier to forge).

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