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Loose White Diamond

White diamonds  are certainly the most well know variety of these gemstones.  They are also known as  colourless diamonds  because they can be distinguished from fancy colour diamonds by the absence of chemical substances responsible for changing the colour. 
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White Diamond and Black Diamond  

Colour is one of the most important points when buying a diamond. You will find advice on their cut, weight in carats, clarity and colour on our “Expert Advice” page that will guide you in purchasing your white diamondWhite diamonds are the most well known whereas black diamonds are the rarest. The latter present a certain number of differences.

Concerning the structure: black diamonds owe their colour to the presence of graphite in the gemstone. It doesn’t sparkle and is opaque unlike white diamonds, which are characterized by their transparency and brilliance. 

Regarding clarity: White diamonds respect standard rules set for all gems of the same category. However these criteria cannot be applied to black diamonds.

As regards to the value: Although black diamonds are rarer than white ones, they sell for less than white diamonds. Even if black and white diamonds are both by definition diamonds, the particularities make black diamonds more difficult to use in jewellery crafting. That is why it is even more important to use a jewellery designer and maker specialized in rare gemstones. As a result of this specificity, black diamonds cannot be evaluated or graded on the same scale as standard diamonds.

Loose white diamonds at Jaubalet Paris

The diamonds were purchased from legal sources not involved in the financing of armed conflict and in accordance with United Nations resolutions based on the written guarantees issued by the supplier of these diamonds 

For the purchase of your white diamonds, Jaubalet provides you with high quality white diamonds certified the HDR and IRD institutes. We also ensure that they meet the requirements of the Kimberly process, i.e. the diamonds do not originate from conflict zones. 

For your jewellery, we advise white diamonds with a carat weight under 3 carats that you can buy directly online. 

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