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What is the Tourmaline stone?

Tourmaline, like its "sisters," should be able to count as a gemstone because it follows all of the preciousness criteria. Brazil, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, Tanzania, Madagascar, and India are the primary sources of tourmalines. They are stunning diamonds that crystallize in a rainbow of colours, some of which are extremely rare. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone family. Its name is derived from the Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) word thuramali, which means "a thousand colours stone" or "mixed colours stone."This stone's colour depends on the form and quantity of metal it holds. Tourmaline comes in a variety of colours, including orange, yellow, blue, red, purple, and black. Green tourmaline and pink tourmaline are also available. The tourmaline of watermelon is bicoloured, with pink in the centre and green on the sides. Pink tourmaline has a similar appearance to pink sapphire but is much less expensive. If a gem is made of many different metals on one of the ends, the colour of the gem can change depending on the angle of observation, which is an intriguing feature for jewellery. This high-quality gemstone comes in a wide range of colours, allowing it to contend with a wide range of gems at significantly cheaper prices. Tourmalines, like most gemstones, are extremely rare. Blue tourmalines, as well as the lovely rubellites, are as scarce as sapphires. The tourmaline family's recent popularity on the French market has elevated tourmalines to the elite circle of engagement diamonds. Some women want a pink tourmaline pendant, which adds to the rarity of the piece.

Virtues and symbols for your Pink Tourmaline Pendant

According to lithotherapy, black tourmaline is a mineral that works along with pink quartz or rock crystal to help people meditate or get away from toxic energy in their homes. When worn as a gem, brown or black tourmaline is aligned with the root chakra, and its properties are excellent for facilitating one's body's connection with the Earth and anchoring oneself in fact. The birthstone for the month of October is tourmaline. It's a stone of inspiration for artists and a calming stone for disturbed minds. It also provides cognitive relief and helps to break negative habits. Pink Tourmaline pendant promotes love, both for oneself and for others, which aids in the release of energetic blockages. It is thus extremely beneficial for settling problems and relaxing relationships with one's mother, as well as the maternal line in general. When it comes to pendant selection, it's best to start by matching your pendant to your personality. Choose the choice that most closely matches your personality. Pink tourmaline, as previously said, represents self-love and emotional healing connected to your inner girl. With this stone that combines softness and determination, choosing a pink tourmaline pendant will help you to learn to love others, but particularly yourself, and to develop trust in yourself. See if you would like a pendant or necklace.

Choosing the Pink Tourmaline Pendant that is just for you

-Which metal to choose for your Pink Tourmaline Pendant

The palest tourmalines, like the smallest ones, look better when combined with subtle metals like white gold, silver, or even rose gold, which allow them to show off their brilliance and subtle nuances. The others, which are more intense or larger, go well with yellow or black gold as well. The pink tourmaline necklace is usually selected based on your morphology. To make your pink tourmaline pendant stand out, experiment with different formats, lengths, and meshes. Large chains, for example, are preferable to short chains for a short leg. We recommend that you stay away from "choker" necklaces.

The price of a Pink Tourmaline Pendant

Pink tourmaline is a rare stone, but it's pricey. Prices differ depending on the stone's consistency based on the different requirements specified here (in particular its size, its colour and the homogeneity and intensity of this colour, its purity, its weight and thus its dimension). Depending on the consistency of these various parameters, prices will range from a few hundred euros to tens of thousands of euros. However, quality stones can be found at a reasonable price. It all depends on your budget and, most importantly, your personal preferences.

What shape to choose for your Pink Tourmaline Pendant

Pink tourmaline looks great in silver or white gold, but rose gold adds an additional layer of warmth and femininity. The consistency of the cut (regularity of the facets, strength of the polish) of the stone determines the colour homogeneity and hardness, as well as the brilliance and brightness of the stone. A pink tourmaline pendant can be sliced into any form due to its hardness. Choose the form that appeals to you the most from our bespoke collection (round, oval, pear, cushion, heart).