Gorgeous Blue Stone

Tanzanite is a type of Zoisite, a calcium aluminosilicate that crystallizes in the orthorhombic system. Zoisite can be any colour, like bi- or tricolour, while Tanzanite is more of a light to dark hue of blue or violet. Tanzanite's blue or violet colour may be natural, but it's most commonly achieved or intensified by heating. Tanzanite has three distinct pleochroism colours in its natural state: blue/purple or purple/yellow-green, green/yellow, or beige. It is defined as trichroic. It is only dichroic when heated over 500°C: blue/violet or mauve. Using a pocket dichroscope, you can tell the difference between a real Tanzanite and a heated Tanzanite. Tanzanite was first discovered in the mythical mines of Lelatema, Lemshuko, and Merelani in Tanzania, East Africa, in the late 1960s, and was revealed to the general public by Tiffany in the late 1960s. Since its hardness is marginally less than 7 on the Mohs scale, it is still sold as earrings or pendants rather than rings or bracelets by leading jewellers today. Tanzanite is a valuable gemstone that is coveted all over the world due to its unique colour, high clarity, and stunning brilliance. Glass, some Iolites, cubic zirconium oxide, and synthetic Forsterite are all imitations. Until purchasing, the greatest amount of scepticism is expected.

Why choose a Tanzanite?

For your pendant, how about tanzanite! If you have the jewellery in good condition. Tanzanite is a delicate stone with a lot of cleavages, which is why we suggest a tanzanite pendant. Choose tanzanite that has a vibrant colour. Tanzanite is not especially inexpensive (prices are about the same as medium quality sapphires). A new piece of jewellery is often appealing, but imagining how it would look in 10, 20, or 50 years can be tough. This is an excellent question to ask, particularly when making a large purchase like a tanzanite pendant that will be worn every day for the rest of your life. When you fit the right stone to the right piece of jewellery, buying a piece of jewellery that will last is easy.

Tanzanite's properties and why you should select it for your pendant

The virtues of your Tanzanite Pendant

It comes in a range of colours from purplish-blue to bluish purple. Natural tanzanite is a brown/beige ochre when untreated. Tanzanite is the horseman's stone. The civilisations of men on horseback are civilisations of proud, disciplined men who rule above the ordinary mortal and see beyond human appearances: their gaze stretches above the horizon, well beyond that of pedestrians. This attainment of physical height often entails attainment of spiritual advancement or ascension toward perfection. That is the symbolism of the elevation of the soul. Despite its strength, the tanzanite pendant is a stone of the soul that has a kind nature. It's good for the throat, third eye, and summit chakras. It primarily benefits the brain (better irrigation, dynamisation of chemical and electrical exchanges), but it also helps the eyes and ears.

Health Benefits

Tanzanite pendant also has good soothing properties on stomach pains. It is a stone that boosts your imagination, creative creativity, musical writing and listening capabilities, literary brilliance, and wit. Because it increases memory and stimulates curiosity, it causes an irresistible desire to educate oneself in all domains of human knowledge and to gain a very broad culture. The softness, refinement, and elegance of the dreams it gives during sleep are unrivalled, with a great grandeur of soul and spirit. It is a stone of self-actualization. It enables us to break free from all of life's petty cowardice and unveils the finest instruments for action: the thought and the tongue. It gives us the desire to fight for peace as well as the intellectual means to do so. All intellectual, artistic, and creative professions, as well as those that demand the bravery to speak the truth in a conflictual atmosphere (social or political professionals, mediators), should wear tanzanite to help resolve conflicts. Tanzanite is the most wonderful stone for elevating the human spirit to the celestial regions since it is cultivated, refined, clever, and endlessly subtle. Tanzanite pendant pulls the primitive beast inside us away, allowing our soul to open to the divine and universal truth. In meditation, the meditative bliss it gives is a true kaleidoscope enchantment, in harmony with the soul's songs. It also has a stimulating effect. It also improves intuitive abilities by stimulating extrasensory senses.

The beauty of the Tanzanite Pendant

Even if they are excellent, fine stones do not have the same resistance as "easy-to-match" stones. They are less hard and hence more prone to scratches or minor cracks in use (aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, quartz, tourmaline, peridot), or to fracture in the event of a shock (topaz), or both (aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, quartz, tourmaline, peridot) (tanzanite). As a result, they are ideal for crafting lovely pendants and earrings. Choose a protective setting if you wish to wear them in a ring. Tanzanite is not advised as a ring, but do not be afraid to pick it as a pendant; it is a lovely bluestone. Discover our exquisite tanzanite pendant with custom-made options.