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History of the Pink Tourmaline Stone

Rubelite is another name for pink tourmaline. The second term stems from the fact that it looks a lot like pink sapphires, which are extremely rare jewels. They were frequently perplexed in the past. A crown encrusted with pink tourmaline was worn in Russia in the 17th century, and everyone assumed it was rubies. Even the empress of China, TzuHsi, who ruled from 1860 to 1908, was attracted by this mineral, which emits extremely soothing energies. She reserved the Stewart mine's full output in Southern California for herself. This stone was widely utilized in Chinese sculpture, particularly for the creation of statuettes of various deities and even snuff boxes. It was also utilized as a decorative element in the form of beads, hair jewellery, and other decorations. It was carried into Europe by Dutch traders in the 18th century and was relatively unknown in Europe. Pink Tourmaline was only appropriately identified as such in the nineteenth century! This stone is now commonly utilized in jewellery to create a variety of accessories, including rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. It's also utilized in lithotherapy because of its medicinal qualities. - Pink Tourmaline's Origin and Composition Pink Tourmaline is found in Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Burma, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Rhodesia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and the United States, among other places. Rubellite is a Tourmaline mineral with a chemical makeup that includes complicated silicates, alkalis, and magnesium. It also has a high leather component, which gives it a natural pink and dazzling radiance. Its hardness ranges from 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Natural pink tourmaline stones can be translucent, opaque, or clear. The colour of the mineral changes depending on the angle from which it is seen.

What are the properties and virtues of Pink Tourmaline in Lithotherapy?

Pink Tourmaline has extremely warm fluid energies in lithotherapy. Its therapeutic characteristics make it particularly effective against the negative effects of emotions and sensations. This natural stone expresses love by acting on the Heart Chakra. Love for oneself and others, not only love inside a partnership. It allows the user to experience life through the lens of pink. Its benefits have a powerful calming impact, resulting in a strong sense of security. Rubellite is a protective stone that looks after both the body and the intellect. Its tremendous qualities comfort the bereaved while boosting their self-esteem. It cleanses the emotions of all sorts of negativity thanks to its cleansing properties. This mineral enhances the attributes of its owner by bringing mental clarity. Its gentle qualities help you sleep better at night. It is a stone that may be used for both healing and support. Its calming vibrations, as an ally of feelings, also help to stabilize feelings. It promotes recovery from trauma and suffering. It is a True Guide to Love since it alleviates negative emotions like melancholy and unhappiness. It motivates us to progress while also offering comfort and support. It takes us along the path of joy and gives us hope. It instils a sense of optimism in us, rejuvenating our ideas and perspectives on the world. This faculty then assists us in determining our role in the cosmos, as well as the development of creativity and imagination.

Choosing Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Your pink tourmaline earrings have a lovely pattern.

Pink tourmaline earrings with an emerald cut are available in white, yellow, pink, or silver gold. Dangling earrings with butterfly clasps or safety clasps are available. For example, 750 Rose Gold Pink Tourmaline Earrings are a hallmark of understated beauty. Two cushion-cut stones can be used to make them. The stone is kept in place at two locations and fastened to the ear by a tiny metal pin set with two 1.2 mm diamonds, transforming a functional element - the clasp - into an aesthetic success: a beautiful line of diamonds. A pair of pink tourmaline earrings in gold with two 7mm long pears and a 1.5mm diameter diamond at the top is another option. The design is straightforward, light, and understated, yet incredibly lovely and similar to pink sapphire earrings

Take good care of your Pink Tourmaline stud earrings.

Because gold is a delicate metal, earrings tend to tarnish over time. This is not an indicator of low quality, but rather normal wear and tear. To guarantee a long life, remove them before handling any home or cosmetic goods since these tend to dull the metal's and jewels' brightness. Tarnishing is also caused by other, sadly unavoidable elements like perspiration or dust. As a result, constant care is required to keep them gleaming all year. If the scratches on your pink tourmaline earrings are too bothersome, you may get them repaired by a professional. The gemstone will be polished by artisan jewellers to give it a new lease of life. They will check to see whether any of the claws around each stone have moved. This examination should be performed every two years. We propose polishing/rhodium plating white gold and silver jewellery every two years to bring it back to its original lustre.