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Tanzanite, a rarity in its pure form

Tanzanite is a gemstone, which means it is extremely hard, transparent, and brightly coloured. It's made up of aluminium and calcium silicate, and the more vanadium it comprises, the more transparent and bright the stone will be. Despite the fact that this gemstone is available on the market and in great demand, there are only two known deposits in the globe. Both are near Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border. "Tanzanite is a metamorphic rock that forms after being subjected to high pressures and moderate temperatures (several hundred degrees)," says Gérard Panzer, professor at the Institute Lumière Matière (ILM, Lyon 1 University) and expert gemologist. Following bushfires that revealed the velvety purple colours of this stone, which had previously been dark and brownish, the Maasai are claimed to have found it. It was formally identified as "zosite" (a mineral species of the silicate group) in 1967 before being given the name "tanzanite" in honour of its native country.

Tanzanite earrings, an exhibit of vivid and popular colour

The raw stone can be treated at high temperatures after extraction to increase its colour and make it more vibrant. As long as the temperatures do not surpass 1,000°C, this is referred to as conventional therapy. If the treatment goes beyond that, it is deemed industrial and must be disclosed. Tanzanite is commonly used in earrings and pendants. If you wish to wear a tanzanite ring, choose one with a low setting to preserve the coloured stone from scratches. Inlaid rings will protect the stone while yet allowing it to sparkle. When you want to make a statement, opt for tanzanite earrings. When it comes to colour, tanzanite, as a coloured gemstone, does not appeal to everyone owing to its uniqueness. In the presence of vivid blue tanzanite colours, dyes that seem fun next to a green or flushed next to the red glow. Make sure the stone is a fantastic match for your current clothing. Vanadium, which is found in minuscule amounts (a few atoms per million), is the chemical element responsible for the purple hues. Because tanzanite resembles amethyst or blue sapphire, it is still a popular choice among ladies. Its rarity, though, makes it an especially valuable jewel. "The price of tanzanite fluctuates from 500 to over 1,000 € per carat, with one carat equalling 0.2 grams," which can remain expensive for tanzanite earrings.

Which designs to choose for your Tanzanite Earrings

Which Tanzanite earrings are most suited to which face type?

Wear tanzanite earrings that complement the form of the face and its silhouette, depending on the shape of the face and its silhouette. Round faces look best with long, thin earrings. For angular features, round earrings and hoops, and all forms and patterns for oval faces. To balance off the face type, choose extremely thin tanzanite earrings. Because earrings do not suit everyone, they must be tailored to your morphology and style. Choose long, drooping, unobtrusive, or colourful earrings if you have a round face. Even though the little tanzanite rings are attractive, they are best avoided since they are best suited to rounder features. They must match with the haircut in addition to adjusting to the oval of the face. They must not only conform to the oval of the face, but also to the styling of the hair. Long, glistening tanzanite earrings may be worn to a party, and the look will be amplified by flowing hair.

How to wear different earrings?

Match your earrings to your daily attire or special events. Discreet spherical tanzanite earrings will look great with classy clothing that already has a lot of colour or accessories. Do you want to accessorize with other pieces of jewellery? Then stay away from the earring panoply, which is too busy and will clash with your tanzanite earrings, which are a luxury emblem. To draw attention to your earrings, choose a simple and understated diamond ring and bracelet, not necessary in tanzanite.

How to wear dangling tanzanite earrings?

This is the first factor to consider, so go through your closet and inventory your belongings. If your outfit is really colourful and full of patterns, plain tanzanite earrings are a fantastic choice. On the other hand, if you have a lot of black, simple, warm, or light colours in your closet but just a few colours and patterned earrings to wear with a dress. To add a bit of elegance to your clothing, you will need to wear colourful, unique earrings.

How to wear tanzanite earrings that are quite heavy?

There are a few guidelines to follow while selecting the ideal pair of earrings. If you have a round face, you should avoid wearing creoles or earrings that are excessively large. Dangle tanzanite earrings, which will extend your face, are a good choice. A rectangular face, on the other hand, will look great with circular tanzanite earrings, which will soften the features. Geometric earrings with rounded sides will appear better on square faces. With a square face, large hoop earrings look great. Avoid hanging tanzanite earrings if you are slim and tall with a long neck; instead, choose earrings that do not extend beyond the jaw.