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Features of Pink Tourmaline

There are black, pink, green, and yellow tourmalines in the tourmaline family. Tourmaline's diversity never fails to astonish us. Around 1850, the Traité total des Pierres précieuses (Complete treatise on jewels) was published, which depicts the beauty of nature in all of its colours. We commonly think of tourmaline as "black tourmaline" (also known as schörl), but as we will see, tourmalines come in a wide range of colours and types. Each one is linked to unique lithotherapy benefits. Tourmaline is rarely available in a single colour (aside from black), but rather in a variety of translucent tints. The colour of the crystal can also change dramatically throughout its length, in cross-section, and concentrically. Nature then creates magnificent works of art: the green with a red finish known as "Turk's head," and the colourless with a black finishing known as "Moor's head." The most remarkable is undoubtedly the pink or red tourmaline surrounded by green, known as "watermelon tourmaline “, for its lovely and pleasant name. The "cat's eye" look can be seen in pink, green, or blue tourmalines cut in cabochon. Another feature of some tourmalines is that their colours shift with the angle of view in the light. The intensity of the colours can be changed by heating or gamma-ray treatment, however, the results achieved by these artificial methods are unreliable. The wide range of colours seen in tourmalines explains why they are frequently confused with pink sapphire.

Virtues and properties for Pink Tourmaline and places of extraction

Pink tourmaline in lithotherapy has the following properties - Relieves pre-menopause - Calms dizziness and vertigo - Promotes love and desire - Inspires peace and wisdom - Suppresses negative emotions and panic attacks - Encourages fulfilment Wearing a pink tourmaline bracelet can help with emotional recovery. It aids in the dissolution of emotional suffering by breaking down damaging patterns through the Heart Chakra and defining new emotional patterns that match our new growth. It enhances the ability to be compassionate, both to oneself and to others, as a stone of love energy, which aids in the clearing of obstacles. It is thus extremely beneficial for settling problems and relaxing ties with one's mother, as well as the maternal line in general. When one is emotionally exposed, the Pink Tourmaline stone provides comfort. Wearing a pink tourmaline bracelet may help you understand what unconditional love is, how to experience it, and what you need to do to become conscious of it in your own life. Pink Tourmaline may aid to enhance one's consciousness so that negative ideas can be discerned, therefore it is a great way to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. As a result, it works well with Black Tourmaline to relieve anxiety and stop compulsive behaviour. Tourmalines are found on all continents: in Africa (Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zaire, Zambia, Zimbabwe), in America (in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, in California and in Maine in the United States), in Asia (Afghanistan, Burma, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka), in Oceania (Australia), in Europe (Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Switzerland) In France, it is found in the Lyonnais, the Massif Central, the Massif des Maures, the Vosges, the Armorican Massif and the Pyrenees.

The Pink Tourmaline bracelet, a symbol of refinement

On the opulent end of the scale.

Luxury houses have demonstrated that pink tourmaline bracelets may be worn on every occasion, including throughout the day, in the office, or at a party, among other things. A pink tourmaline bracelet adds a touch of class and style to any ensemble. Pink tourmaline is particularly valuable because it blends nicely with other trends, such as metallic or floral motifs. You may then mix and match your bracelet with additional unique beads without it looking out of place. Pink goes well with any kind of clothes, whether it's a flowery dress or a more classic blazer.

Femininity in its purest form

The pink tourmaline bracelet is ultra-feminine and can easily be paired with all of your other gold or silver jewellery. This is a super-trendy way to wear your jewellery in layers. A word of caution to those who want to combine various pink pieces: each jeweller and stone is unique, and not all hues will match without creating a false note. Because each rose gold alloy is different, some have a golden colour while others have a subtle coppery tint. To avoid making a mistake, pick rose gold pink sapphire bracelets that contrast with one another to give flair to your wrist without being too "redundant" with pink.