Choosing an Emerald Ring

An emerald will always be green.  However, this color shows off nuances that go from Pale Green to very dark.  The tints in the middle are nuances of yellow and blue.  The herb green always stays the most popular.  You will find more details on the page “Precious Stones” dedicated to our “Precious Stones”. Because of how fragile it is, its special size, the size of an emerald allows protecting the stone from possible shocks.  Thus, if you do not wish to have this particular size emerald, we advise you to get a stone with a different shape, but the small size will be more resistant to shocks.  You may also opt to mix sizes like on the Suprema Regina ring from Jaubalet.

When to give an Emerald Ring?

You know from this point forward that their imperfections have made you fall in love and for 40 years, you have not left.  That is the moment that you give an Emerald Ring for your 40 years of marriage.  40 years? You still have time to spend before they come.  Fortunately, she was born in the month of May.  An emerald ring would be perfect for her birthday.  It is the stone for that month.  Or simply, she loves emeralds.

Custom-made Emerald Engagement Ring

Choosing the metals

Jewelers can manufacture emerald engagement rings out of any metal available, just like any other ring. However, many jewelry professionals think that some metals are better suited to the emerald ring because of their purity, inclusions, and delicate condition. For example, silver is a poor replacement for other metals. Although it is a less expensive option than popular white metals, it is prone to flaws, and daintier silver bands are prone to breaking. Those contemplating emerald engagement rings should select rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum, according to ring experts. Yellow and rose gold metals are durable and long-lasting, and they perfectly complement the emerald's color and brightness. Platinum is another beautiful white metal that looks great with emeralds on their own or with diamonds and emeralds in engagement rings. Whatever metal you pick for your engagement ring, 18 karat metals are good middle ground. It provides enough support for the emerald while being delicate enough not to overwhelm or compromise the stone's strength or beauty.

Most popular Emerald cut

The emerald-cut engagement ring is one of the most cuts for contemporary engagement rings. The elongated form and expanded look make it a lovely shape for a solitaire emerald engagement ring, and it's an attractive option. The round cut emeralds sit next to the emerald cut emeralds. Emeralds in round shape create stunning solitaire engagement rings, and accent jewels go well with them in any design. Solitaire engagement rings with an oval cut emerald are other popular alternatives. They have an elongated form, similar to emerald-cut stones, which contributes to the big look of the jewels. The oval and emerald-shaped stones can both thin and lengthen a bride's finger.

Famous ring designs

A frequent setting for the ever-popular solitaire and tri-stone emerald engagement ring designs is numerous prongs. The emerald(s) are held in place by anything from 3-6 prongs. Rather than more complicated ring settings, this set focuses on emerald cuts and metalwork patterns to enhance the look of the ring. Emerald engagement rings with halo settings are very popular. Many folks looking for the perfect emerald engagement ring have a vintage style in mind. Halo settings bring a touch of antiquity to a contemporary emerald ring, which any vintage-loving modern bride would enjoy.