Choosing the shape and hue of your women’s ruby ring

Rubies are also called red diamonds in reference to the gemstone’s hardness, which is similar to that of a diamond i.e. 9 on the Mohs scale for rubies compared to the king of gemstones which is 10. Choosing a ruby ring results in selecting a long-lasting ring. Concerning the hue of women’s ruby rings, it is important to know that there are 3 color grades: very red, medium red, and pinkish red. You will find information concerning this aspect as well as other details to rely on when purchasing rubies from our page buying rubies. As to the choice of the shape of women’s ruby rings, you can of course decide on what pleases you. However, the cut and consequently the shape follow certain standardized rules that respect the nature of the gemstone and enhance its beauty. Jaubalet is above all the specialist when it comes to your jewellery.  Where rubies are concerned, the most common is the cabochon, rather rounded and polished. A really red ruby might be the best choice for your ring.  With the cabochon, you have the advantage of bringing out the asterisk shape in the stone.  In other words, the cabochon will highlight the dazzling 6 arms that appear in rubies in the shape of a star. Moreover, you have oval forms, classic forms, mountain forms, or modern forms.  Your choice is a tribute to your artistic nature, your taste, and what makes you smile. The red stone goes in harmony with white or pink gold.  This ruby ring for women is “Pure Love” from Jaubalet.

A Ruby Ring for Her…When?

For many, the ruby is considered to be the most precious of gems, because there are not too many gems of that color found in nature.  This, in addition to the symbol brought by the color red, makes ruby, rings the ideal engagement ring which is far from common. Additionally, in French Culture, the gift of a ruby usually marks 35 years of marriage. For women, a ruby ring could also be a great gift for a woman born in July, because rubies are the precious stone of that month. There are many occasions to give her a ruby ring.

Significance of Ruby Ring

Symbolism in the culture

The ruby, often known as "the king of precious stones," is considered more valuable than any other jewel by Hindus. The Kalpa Tree, a symbolic tribute to the Hindu gods, is described in the Mani Mala as being totally made of valuable stones. This beautiful tree, made of sapphires, diamonds, topazes, emeralds, and other stones, would yield rubies as fruit. Gems and jewelry are some of the ceremonial contributions Hindus leave at various temples. “He who worships Krishna with rubies shall be reincarnated as a strong emperor,” the Harita Smriti states of people who give rubies. He will be born a king if he is given a tiny ruby.

Ruby for Success

It's no surprise that the ruby ring has developed such a mystique due to its lengthy and varied history. We all want our work to be the best it can be. Owners of rubies, of course, have a strong interest in their investments, but the ruby has the reputation and beauty to back up such assertions. Ruby ring is the gem of choice if you want to enhance your riches, dazzle your competitors, and protect yourself from danger, according to folklore.

Mystical Powers

Ruby has been associated with love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life for thousands of years. Ruby, more than any other gemstone, is the ideal emblem for strong emotions. Ruby's second significant component, aside from fire, is blood, which is supposed to replenish vital life forces as well as enhance vitality and vigor. Ruby is also regarded as the stone of courage, and tradition has it that someone who wears a ruby would never be afraid of evil or disaster.