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It is no surprise that…since the tradition began, a Diamond Ring is associated with engagement rings.  It owes this status to what the diamond symbolizes.  A Diamond Ring to people getting married is a symbol of purity and eternity.  All that we wish for, a promise of love between two people. In the category of engagement rings, a single diamond ring would win the Academy Award. Choose amongst the models of our single diamond engagement rings. Engagements are not the only occasions to give Diamond Rings.  You may give Diamond Rings for any occasion.  You were promoted at work? You reached a goal that you have been working on for many years? Don’t hesitate.  Select the Diamond Ring of your choice.  Marilyn Monroe sang it in 1953 “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

Diamond Rings, Be Creative

There is a multitude of colors of diamonds: blue, pink, brown, black, yellow, green, orange, red, brown, white, purple, and grey. Learn about all of the diamonds by clicking here.  Here, you will learn more about diamonds to strengthen your knowledge about diamonds which will help you to select the right one. Wondering about the shape of the diamond that will be set on your ring? There are many shapes of diamonds that define the shape of the setting.  Finally, Discover and Re-Discover the different characteristics of a white diamond and the fundamental criteria to take into account when choosing your single diamond ring.

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Contact one of our experts who will assist you via our live chat, by email, or by phone to help you select the best choices in size, setting, but also “pavage” that will define the value of the stone in the center of your diamond ring. Our experts are available to accompany you in the process of ordering your Diamond Ring online.

“The more beautiful a diamond is, the lighter the setting has to be.  The richer the stone, the less visible the diamond”.  Chamfort