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Diamond Necklace

The necklace has been prevalent in cultures around the world as a use of expression and decoration for a very long time. Diamond necklaces can be used to communicate wealth, prestige and our individuality. At Jaubalet Paris jewellers we understand the significance of gifting the special someone in your life with a beautiful diamond necklace. The diamond necklace you choose is not only personal to you but it can also be a tasteful legacy that will stand the test of time and ensure that the story of your love can be shared with generations to come.

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Diamonds are forever

The durability of necklaces has provided the opportunity to appreciate and understand technology, artistry and cultural celebrations from all around the world as well as throughout history. Necklaces date all the way back to the Bronze Age with the introduction of the lunula crescent necklace 1800 B.C, this was made out of simple stones and metals. Since then a lot has changed, trends for wearing necklaces have for the most part followed the style of necklines in European and American fashion. In France, during Napoleon’s reign, he introduced parures, which are sets of matching jewellery. He enabled jewellery to be worn for fashion and not just as an option to be worn at formal events. French fashion designer, Coco Chanel only added to the progression of costume jewellery otherwise known as ‘bijoux’, causing it to be more ubiquitous than ever. This resulted in the creations of vibrant and versatile jewellery that could be customised for every season and outfit collaboration. Our rich French history has supported our knowledge and understanding in the importance of representing different styles and trends so that you can find the diamond necklace which is right for you and your love.  

“Jewellery is not unchanging. Life transforms it and makes it bend to its requirements.”- Coco Chanel

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

As well as its rich history, the necklace has its charms right here in this moment.  That’s because the diamond necklace perfectly frames the feminine face, including the smile, an expression of happiness, love and laughter. The necklace also accentuates the eyes which are well known for being the windows to our soul. This particular item of jewellery also frames the neck which has often been linked to femininity as it is a tender and elegant area. Tracing the nape of the neck can be a pleasurable experience and 96% of women like their necks being kissed, illustrating how sensual the neck can be.  These are just a few of the reasons why gifting someone with a diamond necklace and delicately placing it on for them is a shared moment of intimacy and love.

Diamonds are high in demand yet hard to find

Due to its allure and elegance, the diamond necklace has remained high in demand all around the world however diamonds are so rare and hard to find yet once they are found they are indestructible (they are after all the hardest substance on this earth) . Typically, more than 250 tons of ore must be mined in order to produce a one-carat, gem-quality stone.The diamond’s lustrous brilliance, beauty, and strength make it a fitting symbol of enduring love and a lasting union.

Why the diamond necklace is right for your love…

Overall, the connection between the sensual area of the human body where a diamond necklace is worn, along with the inclusion of timeless and rare diamonds is significant. Women’s diamond necklaces are the epitome of class, femininity, female sexuality, expression, artistic excellence and affluence.

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