Necklaces and Pendants in lacquer: a unique way  

 The pendant will have a surprising particularity.  It will be one block colour in lacquer of your choice.  Our expert jewellers have mastered the lacquer technique.  We use laquer other times from China or Japan for its beautiful aesthetic.  It allows us to have colourful yet delicate pieces.  Lacquer authorises all experiences like deep colours, shine, lightening relief.    

A Unique Design: 

A pendant whose colour is customizable can be modified in a time according to the convenience of the client.  Maison Jaubalet has created a new jewellery language associating the traditional technique of lacquer with a more contemporary design that is adaptable to the affluent desires of anyone.  The lacquer can have a pendant of your choice and the maison jaubalet is at your disposition to help you according to your preferences to guide you to the best decision.       

An Irresistible Lacquer: 

Maison Jaubalet proposes a pendant dressed in a lacquer that will play on the infallible charm and this one will play on simplicity and elegance.  Using the lacquer grants a refined aesthetic brining together femininity and subtlety to she who wears it.  The materials mix together sublime and refined and benefit form the richness of the light.  A know-how that puts together exceptional materials whose nobleness that makes this piece a timeless classic.  Jaubalet puts its skills and know-how at your service by making unique pieces.  Jaubalet also conveys artistic innovation to its clients.