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Statement Rings - The Alpheratz Collection

Jaubalet have collaborated with the architect Thierry Lemaire to create the Alpheratz* Collection. These magnificent statement rings are made up of five unique models that are created with natural stones, and have been embedded with precious Gems. This artistic project is the fruit of the collaboration between the architect Lemaire and the mosaicist Beatrice Serre. Their creations harvest their desire to develop an original concept; making jewellery that are encrusted with mosaics. After taking time to reflect on this project, the process lead Thierry Lemaire and Beatrice Serre to create this unique idea using a different canvas; rings.

  • Statement Rings - The Alpheratz Collection
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A collection of designer rings imaged by the architect Thierry Lemaire

Patrick Baruel the founder of Jaubalet, met Lemaire where they collaborated at Hermès for almost 20 years. Their shared skills and experience in creating designer jewellery gave them the opportunity to realise a product that is as beautiful as it is artistic. These elegant statement rings have been painstakingly crafted to stand out from the crowd.

The Statement rings with their own unique character

Lemaire imagined these elegant fantasy rings while gazing at the stars. He first looked at refining their balance before working with the original shape of the natural stone.  Then, Lemaire reflected on the harmony of adding semi-fine stones on top.  The common objective of Lemaire and Serre was that the statement rings would become more durable, allowing you to wear them for a long time to come.    

 When you commission Jaubalet to make your bespoke statement rings, you will receive a prototype of your jewellery before you make any final decisions. Using our revolutionary technology, we will send you a 3D wax prototype of your custom-made piece in discreet packaging. You can then modify it to make sure that it matches your vision.

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