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Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Since Kate and Prince William were married in 2011, the sapphire engagement ring is particularly sought after amongst engaged couples.  Their engagement put this shiny blue gem in the spotlight for the entire public to see.  Known since Greek and Roman times for its soothing properties, the blue sapphire is sought after as an engagement ring because it symbolizes sincerity and fidelity.   

Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring, The Most Beautiful Thing  

The term “Sapphire” has two origins.  The Greek and the Hebrew.  In Greek, it means the colour blue and in Hebrew it means, the most beautiful thing.  Even though these two etymologies define this gem perfectly, we chose the second one for your Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring.  In short, love is the most beautiful thing, is it not? And, so your ring should be the most beautiful.  Should it not?     

Select her Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring 

The Sapphire is a stone that has many colours.  Its blue shade has many nuances.  It is not always easy to decide.  Even though your intuition of colour is an important factor in the process of making a choice, you will be happy to know that there are many clear blue sappires: Clear Blue, Midnight Blue, Violet Blue, and Turquoise.  The intense blue was the most popular colour.  Thus, the less intense your sapphire is, nay, washed out and weak, less valuable it is.     

For your Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring, you may find additional information on this precious stone on our page dedicated to Blue Sapphires.  

Jaubalet Paris lets you order your Blue Sapphire amongst its collections directly online.  You may personalise them according to your desires or create your own custom-made ring.   

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