Care instructions for men’s platinum wedding bands

Like all precious metals and gemstones, platinum may be scratched and its beauty therefore reduced.

To avoid that from happening, place your men’s platinum wedding band in a small quantity of mild soapy water and lightly rub it with a sponge or a soft toothbrush. Then rinse it in clear water and finally dry it with a chamois cloth.  Avoid contact with bleach or other chemicals. You must also avoid any situation in which the band may be scratched. 

On the other hand, if your men’s platinum wedding bandis set with a precious gemstone, which is rare, it would be preferable to take it to a jeweller for professional cleaning.

 As a result of good care, your platinum wedding band will keep its shine and can be that precious piece of jewellery to pass on to your descendants.

Jaubalet’s platinum wedding bands

Maison Jaubalet provides you with several platinum wedding bands that can be customized to make your men’s platinum wedding band unique. We invite you to discover them in our virtual shop where they can be ordered online. For something a little more original, we suggest custom designing your men’s platinum wedding band. From design to production, you take part in all of the stages.