Caring for men’s white gold bands

Although men’s white gold bands are very resistant they do require a certain amount of care.  White gold is actually a mixture of pure gold and other metals to which a layer of rhodium is added to obtain its white tint. Over time, rhodium can wear off and the band can yellow. Either this can be accepted as proof of time passing and a lasting marriage or your men’s white gold band can be rhodium re-plated by a jeweller.  Maison Jaubalet provides a white gold version whose white colour comes from palladium. This palladium-plated gold is less yellow and whiter.

Jaubalet’s men’s white gold bands

Via the digital visit of the website, Jaubalet provides several collections of men’s white gold bands. You can select jewellery from the various collections and order them directly online.  For men with a creative flair, simulation tools are at your disposal to customize your wedding bands. Select the shape, size, design and possibly a gemstone to be mounted. If you would like to select something really exceptional, click on special orders. Follow our experts’ advice and custom design your men’s white gold wedding band?

Custom-made Ring

The finishing touch

The texture, or finish, of the metal, is largely responsible for the attractive appearance of men's white gold wedding band. Wedding bands by Jaubalet Paris are available in a variety of finishes, including high polish, satin, and hammered. A high polish finish is considered classic, but satin may appeal to those who like modern style. If you're searching for something unique, the hammered appearance is sure to make your heart skip a beat.

No Financial Stress

Because of the lower cost, many individuals prefer white gold to the similar-looking precious metal platinum. White gold will be less expensive than platinum, owing to the fact that gold is mined at a rate of 2,7000 tons per year, whilst platinum is produced at a rate of 80 tons per year, making platinum 30 percent more uncommon. Platinum is also far denser, purer, and heavier than a gold alloy combination. So, while a basic white gold wedding ring will be less expensive than a platinum band, it will still be a fantastic investment because white gold is a timeless precious metal.