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Men’s gold rings

Rings took on various roles throughout history. They served as a religious sign, as a tool, as a talisman… However, their main use was linked to a social context. For a long time, jewellery made with precious metals was reserved for people of a high social ranking; it was a sign of power, royalty and invincibility. Among the most precious pieces of jewellery that have left their mark, a men’s gold ring stands out. This attractive and shiny piece still draws attention to the wearer.

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Expert advices

Why choose a men’s yellow gold ring?

Yellow gold is undoubtedly the most well-known precious metal. It has always been a sign of strength, wealth and power. Several centuries ago men’s yellow gold rings  were reserved for the royalty and high society. The middle classes couldn’t even dream of owning such a piece of jewellery, with the price so outrageously high. Only after many years and with the birth of the flashy “bling bling” style were gold rings worn by other classes. Speaking of the gold metal itself, it is very practical, malleable and can be easily used in jewellery making. In addition, it is inoxidizable even after prolonged contact with moisture. It is quite understandable that the Egyptians, history’s first metal smiths, made it their choice precious metal and crafted jewellery sets, jewellery and works of art that can still be found in excellent condition in   museums. Today a men’s gold ring is the ideal gift for those turning 18 or making their confirmation. Some families of noble descent have signet rings engraved with the family’s coat of arms.

Men’s yellow gold rings: a lucky charm? 

Men’s yellow gold rings possess numerous beneficial characteristics for the owner. Most of the virtues come from the metal itself. Indeed, yellow gold is known for its exceptional mystic facets. Gold is regarded as having the power to increase the quality of the gemstones it is associated with, strengthen the nervous system and facilitate digestion, balance the hormonal system and improve blood flow as well as treat arthritis and protect from poisoning … In several African countries, it is said that a thief stealing a piece of gold jewellery risks angering the spirits.

There are several tips to care for your men’s gold “lucky charm” ring to keep it in good condition over time. The best and easiest way is to use a soft cloth or a tooth brush dipped in soapy water. If the ring is very dirty, a drop of ammonia can be added to the soapy water. For the gold to shine, polish it with a micro fiber cloth sprinkled with talcum powder.

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