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Designer cufflinks

Designer cufflinks can be the perfect finishing touch to a well-tailored suit that could leave you feeling more confident than ever when being worn for that special occasion in your life. For important events such as a potentially life changing interview, a birthday or even your own wedding; these small accessories can make your suit look more sophisticated, stylish and enable you to add a bit of colour to an often block coloured suit.  

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When London meets Paris

Cufflinks also have a very practical purpose, they were originally created to enable men to pin their sleeves back when washing their hands so as not to get them wet. Buttons originally had this job,then, at the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign and towards the end of Britain’s Industrial Revolution the middle class adopted cufflinks. This is because the industrial revolution gave rise to more advanced and modern machinery. Designer cuff links were a very tasteful replacement to the more common buttons and because of this they were very exclusive at first. Since then, a lot has changed; designer cufflinks have progressed to become one of the most popular kinds of men’s jewellery available in the 21st Century.

 Whether you would like a simple yet classic design or a design with more colour; designer cuff links not only add style to your outfit but they also give you the opportunity to add a bit of your own personality to your look. Our 17 dynamic designs are available in white gold, yellow gold, silver and gilt. There are also 7 different pearl hues available as well as 22 different laquer colours and 6 different ornamental stone options available.  In addition to all of this, with our designer cuff links you can alter and accustom the designs that are show cased so that they suit you and your outfit perfectly. All our creations are crafted with pride and love so all our designer cuflinks are completed with our signature hallmark.

We welcome your ideas

 As we know, something may look great on a computer screen but not be what you expected it to look like in the flesh so we now enable our customers to obtain a 3D model of the jewellery item that has taken their interest. This means that you can now take home and try a 3D model of the cufflinks which you are interested in. You can see if they collaborate well with your suit, you can see if they are too small and adjust the colour if your preference alters before investing in your designer cuff links and leaving our bespoke store.  This also means that you can modify and alter your choice as many times as you like so if you want to come back and alter your design on several different occasions then that is absolutely fine. We are here to cater to your needs and support you in your creation and choice.

We are the epitome of Luxury

“Precious gems” are an exclusive quartet of prestigious, high quality jewels including diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. When incorporated into designer cufflinks, they create an eye catching whilst also subtle adornment perfectly accompanying any classic outfit. From one capital to another we are at the centre of style, class, creativity and opportunities. With the union of British Class and Parisian style we showcase only the best craftsmanship, designs and creations.

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