Emerald-cut Engagement Rings: Immaculate Expression of Love

Meaning of Emerald-cut Engagement Rings

The emerald cut is a variation on square and rectangular diamond cuts called after emeralds, which are most often cut in this manner. Emerald cut diamonds have eight sides, which are the rectangle's main edges with the corners trimmed. Emerald cuts are available in a wide range of lengths and widths, as well as ratios, with a long rectangle being the most popular.

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The facet of the Emerald-cut Engagement Ring

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Emerald cut diamonds are popular in engagement rings because of their classic appearance, but they may also be used in more modern forms such as rose gold engagement rings. The beauty and radiance of emerald-cut engagement rings are well-known. Focus on achieving the greatest color and clarity you can with emerald diamonds since these will show up more in a step-cut diamond. 

When Jay-Z proposed to Beyonce with an 18-carat immaculate emerald-cut engagement ring, emerald-cut diamonds found their way into the music scene as well. This cut appears to be here to stay, based on the popularity of this shape in celebrity culture.

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The most frequent emerald form ratio is 1:5, which results in a rectangular stone. Emerald-cut engagement rings with green, emerald stones frequently have this ratio. With this form, women's fingers appear longer and more beautiful. The cut's form is similar to the diamond's natural shape. As a result, there is just a little amount of stone loss. As a result, the emerald is also highly popular in terms of pricing.

Because Emerald-cut engagement rings need close attention to cut quality, we recommend having a professional inspect your diamond before purchasing it. Contact our specialists for assistance in purchasing your ideal Emerald-cut engagement ring.

Emerald-cut engagement rings are distinguished by their beautiful form and distinctive Step Cuts. Emerald Cuts are an excellent alternative for individuals searching for a larger-appearing Diamond without paying a high price.

History of Emerald-cut

The emerald-cut diamond is one of the most ancient diamond shapes, with aesthetic roots in the 1500s table cut. This shape was originally created for emerald stones by stonecutters
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The Emerald cut gained popularity because it decreased pressure during the cutting process, preventing gem chipping. Diamond cutters noticed this unique form and began incorporating it into diamonds shortly after. The name "emerald cut" was not used until the 1920s, when the cut became more fashionable. The emerald cut was influenced by the advent of art deco, which favored clean lines and symmetry. Emerald cuts have been a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry items since then.

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While the Step Cut looks similar to the Emerald Cut, it does not have a defined pattern or design. The location and positioning of the facets are typically dictated by the raw stone's form, allowing cutters to maximize the stone's weight. The resultant jewels were often hefty in the crown with tiny tables.

Except when a non-rectangular polygonal form is needed, the Emerald Cut was established around 1940 and has almost superseded the Step Cut in diamond cutting. Diamond cutters recognized that by perfecting the Emerald Cut, especially by faceting off the pavilion's points, they could increase the fire of their diamonds.

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Clarity & Cut of the Diamond

When looking for the right emerald-cut diamond, keep in mind that because of the long step cuts, this shape does not hide flaws effectively, therefore quality is crucial. To ensure that no obvious flaws reduce the thrill of owning an emerald-cut diamond, choose a clarity grade of VS2 or above. Color, like Clarity, is another feature that stands out more with an Emerald Cut. Because of its wide table and step cuts, it retains more color than other Diamond Shapes, letting the eye perceive the stone's true hue. Colour is graded on a scale of D to Z by the GIA. D is the most colorless, but Z has a distinct brown or yellow tinge. A little yellow tinge may clearly be seen while looking at an Emerald Diamond of a J grade or above with the naked eye. We recommend this range for the greatest beauty and best value because no tint is visible to the naked eye at an I Color grade or above. You will not notice much of a difference if you select a diamond below an I, such as a G or H. Paying higher money for a lesser Color grade is typically not worth it. It is also crucial that your diamond seems white in proportion to its setting. Overall, it is critical to examine Diamond's color and setting before making a purchase.

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Cut of the Diamond

Depending on the setting, an emerald-cut diamond can take on a completely different appearance. The stones can be set vertically or horizontally, commonly known as the "east-west" setting, creating a unique out-of-the-box engagement ring look.

An emerald-cut engagement ring can be worn in a variety of ways. From vintage-inspired Art Deco style mountings to modern rings with little ornamentation, the angular form fits into almost any design. The emerald-cut diamond engagement rings give a feeling of refinement due to their precise geometry. 

It is why they appeal to fashionable celebs who can start a trend with a single red-carpet appearance. Famous ladies who wear engagement rings with this unique diamond-cut include Amal Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Liv Tyler. Mariah Carey is said to be wearing a massive 35-carat emerald cut diamond, which is a star in its own right.

How to take care of your emerald-cut engagement ring

Cleaning emerald-cut diamonds with mild soap and warm water is recommended: Jaubalet Paris recommends gently scrubbing between the prongs and hidden areas with a soft-bristled toothbrush. You should take your diamond ring to the jeweler at least once a year, in addition to normal at-home treatment. Our jewelers can tighten the prongs to prevent your diamond from falling out and they can also properly polish your ring to make it appear just as lovely as the day you first bought it.

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