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Custom-Made Earrings

custom-made earrings for all of your desires 

Earrings are fascinating pieces.  They are often the first pieces that we see on a woman, before bracelets, or necklaces.  They are discreet and crossed by the beauty of the face of those who wear them.    

More than any other piece, earrings make you unique.  You imagine being sophisticated, fairy-tale like, and grand for a special occasion.  You want them to be discreet and elegant and never take them off.  You are thinking about a symbolic gift for your beloved and you dream of a diamond in the shape of a heart set on your delicate ear.      

Jaubalet, specialist of custom jewellery,is at your service to bring your desires to life.  


Custom-Made Earrings

Elaborate custom-made earrings made for you and made in our workshops

From the initial sketch to the piece of luxury jewellery made in our atelier by our craftsmen, all of the stages are essential and our experts will accompany you in your choice.  All will be used to succeed in making an amazing custom piece made and brought to life only for you.   


Sketch of Custom-Made Earrings- Jaubalet Paris

Our collaboration begins with a sketch to be sure that we understand your vision 

3D Custom-Made Earrings- Jaubalet
The Making of Custom-Made Earrings 1 - Jaubalet

Visualize with 3D technology, your piece in 3D from all angles.  You may change it if you like.   

The Making of Custom-Made Earrings2 - Jaubalet
The Making of Custom-Made Earrings - Jaubalet

From Virtual to material, We can make you a prototype of your earrings printed in 3D wax. 

Custom Made Diamonds Earrings - Jaubalet

Precision, Technique, Know-How, Excellence, skill, will, and love will guide the work in the atelier by our expert craftsmen.   

Custom-Made Earrings  Mangrove -Jaubalet

The Conclusion of a remarkable experience, a series of unforgettable discoveries for a pair of exceptional custom earrings. 

order your
custom-made earrings online

Illuminate your face and complete your piece with a click of your mouse.  With Jaubalet Paris, you may benefit from a personalized accompaniment to get help on giving life to your custom project.  Contact us via our site and order your custom earrings online, to receive it directly to you wherever you are in the world.     

For all information on estimates click here.  

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