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Custom Bracelets - Design Your Own Jewellery


Worn around the wrist, a bracelet possesses a unique advantage in that it gives you to ability to wear multiple bracelets on one or both wrists without necessarily falling into extravagance. To customize your bracelet with Jaubalet, simply choose the material, shape, and color. Another stylish and original choice is to custom bracelet – just for you, according to your taste and physical attributes (such as skin tone and shape of the wrist, depending on whether you are a man or a woman). For the best results, such a jewel deserves to be entrusted to a specialist in custom jewelry.

With Jaubalet Paris, you have the possibility to create your own custom bracelet. Open, closed, engraved or not, in gold, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, these bracelets are made according to your requirements and our know-how.

Custom made bracelet - Jaubalet Paris


With Jaubalet Paris, wherever you are in the world, you can easily order your custom-designed bracelet online. Jaubalet also offers a collection of bracelets made with precious stones that you can customize to create your own. All of our pieces of jewelry and fine jewelry are made with meticulous care.

Sketch cutom made bracelet - Jaubalet Paris

From the idea to the sketch, the “gouache” to the 3D technology, you can now view your customized bracelet from all angles on a screen.

3D custom made bracelet - Jaubalet
custom made bracelet in gold - Jaubalet Paris

From the virtual state, your piece of jewelry is then materialized. The House of Jaubalet will send you a 3D wax prototype of your piece of jewelry.

Custom made diamond bracelet - Jaubalet Paris
Sertissage bracelet sur mesure - Jaubalet
precious stones for custom made bracelet - Jaubalet

The choice of stones, an important step in making your custom-designed bracelet.

Riviere custom made bracelet - Jaubalet


In India and other eastern regions of the world, a bracelet is used as a symbol of the promise of marriage.  This practice is rare in the West, but globalization leads to knowledge of different and foreign practices that can more or less seduce us. As a result, some couples are opting for a customized bracelet instead of the traditional engagement ring, while they await the wedding day to exchange rings. This is a personal choice that is different and highly original, but it is also one that keeps the same symbolism of the engagement ring. Should you let yourself be seduced by this unique alternative to an engagement ring, our experts will advise you as you create an exceptional, custom bracelet.

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