Information to provide 

Information to Provide 

Normally, once you make your payment by credit card or by internet, the payment platform asks you to fill in some information: your identity, your credit card number, the expiration date of the card, the last three numbers on the back of your card, keep a copy of the receipt that indicates the order number and the amounts that have been taken out. That can be useful if there is a return or a dispute with the brand.  Your confidential code will never be given away.  Try and verify your bank statements and don’t wait to let us know if there is something that seems fraudulent going on with your credit card.    

Please Verify your Bank Statements 

So that you can guarantee that all goes well with the transaction, it is important to verify your bank statements and make sure that the amount taken from your account matches the amount of your purchase.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if you see an operation that you feel might be fraudulent.  

 Protection of your Personal Information 

There are two principal forms of secure payments.  No Matter what information is related to your card, you may go from one secure payment method to another.

 - 3D Secure (A extra code used)

 - E – Credit Card (Card Number does not get shared around the internet)    

Maison Jaubalet makes the choice to reinforce the security of its payments on our site thanks to 3D secure payment which operates under “Verified” by Visa and MasterCard “Securecode” You will spot them easily under the 3D Secure logo.  You may obtain reinforced protection since you must put in your Card Number and the Expiration Date and the three numbers on the back of the card, a password, (your birthdate for example), or a specific code that is strong authentication that will be communicated to you by Text Message on your Cell Phone.  This service is complementary and the text message is free of charge also.  The E-Credit Card allows you to keep your real credit card number, but an alternate number that is given to substitute it.  It can only be used for this transaction.