The Jaubalet Pearl Collection : Listen to your heart sings

The pearls have mysterious colours, they instinctively convey femininity. We offer a wide variety of pearls in different colours. We advise you on selecting a pearl that matches your personality and style. The pearls bestowed the name ‘Jaubalet Pearl’ promises to stay with you for eternal with its allure luster. The amazing elegance of cultured pearl will make you fascinated by its orientation. A pristine pearl is a best friend to your jewelry box.
Jaubalet Pearl collection represents pearl's ultimate complications of colours (black, white, pink, gold, green) woven into an intricate short necklace. They can be infused with the graceful design of gold chains with embedded precious and fine stones spreading an aura of opulence.


The bracelet, contemporary blends into timeless designs. These masterpieces can be customized by your choice of a pearl of the same colour or a different shade. The cultured pearls can be adorned with white or black diamonds.
The bracelet represents ideals of beauty and charm. Wear it with graceful lines of black diamonds, a silk cord, or on a spellbinding chain bracelet.
Every piece of our creation allows you to live the grandeur of timeless pearls which are redefined for your personality. The pearl necklace embedded with chic stones lets women indulge in its magical beauty. It will adorn your neck for intimate occasions and even complement your daily life. Discover Jaubalet Pearl Collection to enjoy elation with majestic looks.

How to buy Pearls?

Each pearl necklace has its own distinct appeal, size range, pearl color, and price level. Starting with the necklace size, each variety is beautifully distinct. The opera necklace will add shine to your evenings while the jumper keeps your fantasies alive. The engineered necklace easily adapts to your outfit so it is preferred for all occasions. The necklace is intertwined with beads, the length of the necklace decides its price.


Jaubalet Paris Pearl Collection Guide


The Shape

The shape of the pearl is a symbol of par excellence. It opens new codes of possibilities, beautiful round pearls are used to create almost timeless objects.
You can customise your necklace with different sizes of pearls. Taking inspiration from your emotions and motions a unique necklace is created within your budget.


Different Pearl Types

Pearls are admired and treasured all around the world and their source of origin makes them unique. Usually comes from 4 different natures. Freshwater pearls come from China and they are famous for their distinctive colours (pink, black, white, lavender). Australian pearls come from the coast of Australia and are known for their high grade and large size. They come in gold and white colours. The famed Tahitian pearls from the French Polynesian islands are exceptional with their varied sizes, rare colours, and dazzling reflection. The Akoya pearl is prized for its brilliant luster and round form. Akoyas have a lovely color quality in black, white, and gold and come from Japan. They have unique features like different diameters, luster, and mother of pearl thickness.

Pearl Quality Guide

A pearl must have a blazing shine with superior quality. There are few key points to determine, the diameter between each pearl on the pearl collar should be 1mm for the ‘grains’ to 2mm. The 7.0 mm size range is known for being the most admired, classic, and versatile. The thickness of the mother-of-pearl and the luster decide the magnificence of the necklace. It should be made sure that all pearls are pristine without any cracks, bumps, or stains.