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3D wax jewellery

what is 3d wax?

Thanks to 3D printing technology, Jaubalet now gives you the opportunity, before you confirm order, to try your piece of jewellery in the form of a wax model with an artificial stone. This indispensable step in the manufacturing process helps to shape the jewel and bring it to life. Indeed, with this technique, the jewellery is reproduced in three dimensions.The wax model gives you a preview of the final piece and allows you to view and try your piece of jewellery. You can modify this unique piece as many times as you like before it is manufactured, thereby obtaining your fully personalized piece of jewellery that perfectly meets your desires.

Wax Ring - Jaubalet

New Printing Techniques in 3d 

Innovative printing systems combined with high-quality materials allow Jaubalet to make inroads in the world of computer-aided manufacturing. In this way, Jaubalet combines innovation, expertise, and tradition, optimizing new techniques that are revolutionizing the world of high-end jewellery.

3D ring - Jaubalet

Design and modelling of the ring on a computer. Final rendered image.

3D Custom-Made Ring - Jaubalet
Image 3D Ring - Jaubalet.

Printing the wax with a 3D printer.

3D Jewellery Print - Jaubalet
Cleaning the Wax - Jaubalet

Cleaning the wax with hot oil.

Romanesque Wax Ring - Jaubalet

The wax ring is sent to the client for validation of the shape and proportions.

Romanesque Custom-Made Ring  - Jaubalet

Final result. A ring that exceeds your expectations. 


an esstential tool 

When we imagine a custom-designed ring, all dreams are possible, from an engagement ring to a piece of jewellery that you want to give to your loved one for a special occasion. The choice of stone is very important and Jaubalet offers a wide selection of precious stones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Choose a stone depending on the message you want to send with your piece of jewellery, but also taking into account the taste and personality of the woman who will wear it. To make your dream a reality, some intermediate steps are necessary to ensure a result that matches your dreams. This is why we follow all the steps in the design and manufacturing processes of your unique and custom-designed piece of jewellery. After the sketch and 3D modelling, the wax is the prototype of the final jewel that allows you to appraise the shape and proportions of your piece.  Then, our craftsmen jewellers apply their expertise to bring you a piece of jewellery that exceeds your expectations.

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