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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamonds are unusual for being the colour of charcoal yet still having a striking sparkle and glisten to their appearance. Black diamond engagement rings mainly appear as opaque to the naked eye due to their “polycrystalline” structure which prevents them from reflecting much light. However black diamonds do contain tiny dark, graphite inclusions which can be seen at certain angles. These are formed from the environmental heat and pressure that they have endured and overcome over many years before being placed in your gracious hands.

Why Diamonds are so Special?

Like our very own unique fingerprints, every diamond has complex characteristics that cannot be duplicated naturally, this is to say no two diamonds can ever be the same. Just like us, each black diamond is filled with characteristics and a personality all of it's own. Maybe the black diamond engagement ring really catches the essence of individuality you want to include in your gift to your special someone.

 Where do Black Diamonds come from?

Black diamonds are not only rare, they are pure universal magic. So much so it is believed they have come from outer Space.  Over a decade ago scientists created and tested a theory on this very enigmatic diamond. Due to their hydrogen rich bonds, it was suggested that black diamonds must have been formed in an environment other than planet earth. It is believed that these truly fascinating diamonds were brought to our planet by asteroids millions of years ago. The findings were published online in the Astrophysical Journal Letters on December 20th 2006.

 Black Diamond Engagement Ring, Indestructible Love

Black diamonds are the toughest natural substance known on this planet. This has been recognised throughout history. The word diamond originates from the Greek word "adamas" which means 'unconquerable'. Black Diamonds are so strong that they are indestructible, so it's easy to see why they are a symbol of strength, majestic power and eternal love.

 Why choose a Black Diamond Engagement Ring?

The black diamond engagement ring is an unusual yet striking twist on a very traditional  token of everlasting love. It could be that your journey of love has been a whirlwind, exciting and unconventional. Maybe a black diamond engagement ring is the perfect demonstration of your inept understanding of your soul mate and their individual tastes or characteristics. Maybe your love has a bohemian, free spirited, open minded, daring and adventurous soul and you know they would appreciate something a bit different. Maybe these are things that you love about her. Or maybe, just maybe your future wife to be really is an original, one of a kind you might say. Then what better way to express this than to give a token of your love in the form of a black diamond engagement ring?

 Black Diamond Engagement Ring at Jaubalet House

If you chose to select a black diamond engagement ring with our experienced and dedicated team, we will be as involved as you want us to be in crafting your design. We can advise you on great collaborations we have crafted in the past such as having a platinum band or white gold ring which would emphasise your black diamond centrepiece. Or maybe you want to create something completely different, if this is the case we have a diverse showcase of models, colours and adornments that you can have unlimited access to so that you can achieve the perfect design for you and your love.

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