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Engagement Rings For Women

Since the Roman Empire, the tradition of rings marks the engagement of the future married couple and the engagement ring symbolizes this promise of one life together. The single diamond remains the engagement ring, there are however a multitude of models, it is the one who asks for one’s hand in marriage, a unique moment, unforgettable for the future couple.     

Why give an engagement ring?  

We all know that the engagement begins the day of the proposal, just as the separation time before the marriage that separates the aforesaid couple the day before the marriage.  The Engagement Ring is the piece to not neglect.  It represents the instantaneousness of imperceptible love that you give for all of eternity to your beloved.  This is to you, gentlemen, to ask the hand of your beloved and to make the proposal original, romantic, unexpected, and a surprise…it is up to you to be creative and inventive for this unforgettable moment.  The engagement ring will be the seal of your love.  This is therefore the most symbolic of all the jewellery that you may offer to the woman of your life.   

The Symbol of the Engagement Ring 

The Engagement Ring does not only represent an ordinary ring, it is the symbol of love, the big jump before the big day.  She wears her feelings, strong, intense and powerful just like her.  Nothing is left to error and that is why Maison Jaubalet accompanies you in this essential step and will help you in choosing the Engagement Ring that best matches her tastes and her preferences.  Once the model is chosen, the artisan jewellers will put their talent forward do that the piece that you dreamed of will be even more unique and authentic so that we can make this moment the most unforgettable of moments.  Take care of your moment that she will witness your love and give an engagement ring that she will never cease to admire on her finger.   


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