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Men’s Wedding Band

When talking about wedding jewellery, men’s primary concern is the wedding band. Although simple, classic wedding bands are chosen a great majority of the time, there is a growing trend toward unique and original men’s wedding bands.

The following classic, conventional wedding bands are distinguished The rod, a ring that is perfectly round The half-round rod, a ring that is externally rounded and internally flat.  The ribbon, a ring that is externally flat and internally rounded with straight edges.  Jaubalet Paris is also proposes original models in lacquer, allowing the client to choose amongst 23 colours.  

Wedding bands for men, listen to your heart

Choosing a wedding band is not only a matter of taste, but also of comfort. While we must not forget the symbol that a wedding band represents, the question of practicality should also be considered. Listen to your heart and opt for a wedding band that suits you best. Feel free to try different wedding band models and ask your fiancée for her opinion.

Men’s wedding bands at the House of Jaubalet Paris

Whatever type of wedding band you choose, Jaubalet Paris offers personalized support tailored to your needs. Benefit from the expertise of our master jewellers via our live chat. They will assist you not only during the decision-making phase, but also during the entire production process of your customized or made-to-order piece of jewellery.

You are unique and deserve a wedding band that reflects your originality. With Jaubalet, give free reign to your creativity. Select and visualize various combinations of wedding band materials and styles on Jaubalet’s digital platform. Become the creator of your ring. Choose the type of ring, shape, colour, material, pavé stones, and centre stone.  If you would prefer not to design a made-to-order wedding band, you can customize one of the many men’s wedding bands from our diverse collections. Let our beautiful images entice you to design or customize a ring and easily order online.

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