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The reputation of london as the capital of fashion and luxury is not a coincidence. And if there is a place that celebrates luxury jewellery, it is undoubtedly Place Vendôme. Located in the 1st arrondissement, surrounded by numerous palaces and historic monuments of unparalleled beauty, Place Vendôme is indeed the kingdom of jewellery and high-end French jewellery. The greatest jewellers, those that are internationally renowned, settled there over the years, making this place the leader in the luxury jewellery industry. Thus, the House of Jaubalet is located at 1 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London.

However, it is not enough to be located in Place Vendôme to be considered a “Place Vendôme jeweller.”

PLACE VENDOME -Jaubalet Paris

LONDON jeweler, expertise, and innovation

To be a Place Vendôme Jeweller in London one must demonstrate thorough knowledge and expertise in the art of jewellery making – an art that must be practiced with respect to the French jewellery tradition. Techniques of the French jewellery tradition are passed down over time, as a legacy. To this legacy we add the following techniques: handcrafted, high quality, made with the greatest attention to detail, and excellent choice of materials. We strive to heighten the quality, originality, uniqueness, and beauty of jewellery from Place Vendôme. 

sketch of a custom-made ring - Jaubalet Paris

Designing a custom-designed ring

3D Custom Made Ring - Jaubalet
Making a Custom -Made Ring 1 - Jaubalet

Manufacturing a custom-designed ring

Making a Custom-Made Ring 2 - Jaubalet
Making a Custom-Made Ring 3 - Jaubalet

Our expert jewellers

Precious Stones and a custom-made ring - Jaubalet

The choice of stones

Romanesque Custom Made Ring - Jaubalet

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place vendôme jeweller in london 

To be a Place Vendôme jeweller is also synonymous with innovation and creativity. These two characteristics, innovation and creativity, must be carefully combined with the best of French jewellery traditions – the House of Jaubalet accomplishes this. Some examples of Jaubalet’s innovations:

A specialist in online custom-designed jewelry, Jaubalet UK offers its customers a unique opportunity to collaborate with its craftsmen jewelers. The client and jeweler are in close communication throughout the creative process via the live chat service.

 Even more innovative is Jaubalet’s 3D wax model. This is a prototype of your order made with wax and an artificial stone. This provides the client with the opportunity to see and try the piece of jewelry, and then to modify or confirm it before it is produced in the workshop.

Jaubalet, as a Place Vendôme jeweller in London, offers a new interpretation of jewellery and proves that tradition and expertise can meld seamlessly with youth and innovation.

Jaubalet London

1 Berkeley St, London W1J 8DJ, United Kingdom

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