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Maison Jaubalet in London

Jaubalet, jeweller
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The major events of the last decade have severely altered the vision of the world and the norms of consumer behaviour in our society.  Whether this is a direct consequence of the 2008 Crisis or simply the course of history, consumer trends have been altered by personalisation and customization.  The jewellery sector has been no exception to this crisis.  Some people have cut their budget down really low and others shop according to their needs.  Maison Jaubalet UK has gone with the second option.  Jaubalet in London has specialized in Custom Jewellery to respond to this need to express themselves via their jewellery.

In this way, the French Jewellery Specialists in custom made jewellery have taken on the outside world, in particular, China and Russia.  Situated at 1 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London, Jaubalet is dedicated to showing France and the outside world what Luxury custom made in France jewellery is.    

Maison Jaubalet


Jaubalet UK is happy to put a collaboration between the clients and the jewellers at your service.  The initial conception and creation of jewellery is thought up for and with them.  They are in constant communication.  A true revolution for the clients, but also in the fabrication techniques of Jewellery and Fine Jewellery.  

In fact, this Parisian Jeweller is known for using techniques from High Jewellery to make pieces of Jewellery like sapphire engagement ring.  The result is amazing.  

Our most spectacular innovation is without a doubt the 3D Wax.  This is a wax copy of the jewel with a fake stone that the jeweller will send to you.  This gives the client the possibility of seeing and trying the jewel as if it had already been finished.  You may also modify it before it goes into the atelier.    

Jaubalet UK, jeweller
new generation

Moreover, you may amuse yourself looking at our most beautiful collections across a unique digital experience.  You have the possibility of choosing amongst our collections which can be personalised.  You may choose shapes and colours.  Choose your stones and play with your creativity and our knowledge.  No more having to go anywhere.  Chat online directly with one of our expert jewellers and order online with the click of the mouse.  

The quality and the knowledge of the Maison also is excellent in the choosing of stones.  The diamond, gold, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are available in different colours for your wedding bands, solitary rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and special orders.  

Jaubalet UK is simply a new interpretation of Jewellery, the proof is knowing how to mix youth and innovation.     

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