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You would like a Pink Diamond? If your answer is yes, know that Jaubalet Paris has a large variety of gems of many different shades of pink.  According to the variation available, weight, and your budget, we can find the perfect stone adapted to your needs.


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Diamond rose - Jaubalet Paris

Colours and shapes
of pink diamonds 

A flawless pink diamond is an extremely rare gemstone. It is almost always tinted with the following colours: purple, brown grey, violet orangey brown and brownish violet.

Fancy orangy Pink Heart

Fancy orange pink Diamond - Jaubalet
Diamond Fancy-purplish-pink - Jaubalet

Fancy purplish pink radiant

Diamond Fancy-orangy-Pink-2 - Jaubalet

Fancy orangy Pink pear shaped

Diamond Fancy-orangy-Pink-3 - Jaubalet

Fancy orangy Pink Cushion

what makes a 
diamond pink? 

Pink is a colour that is quite close to brown which explains why the causes that determine the brown colour of a diamond are identical to those for pink diamonds. In fact, this colour is due to a defect in the production network at the atomic level. It is called pink or brown “graining. Parallel lamellae experience strong plastic deformation

Other reasons for the pink colour include nitrogen trapped in vacancies and defects linked to the presence of hydrogen.

Pink diamonds and fashion

Most of the so-called pink diamonds are a purplish pink.  By virtue of their appeal and the various connotations attributed to pink diamonds whether in the fashion world or outside of it, pink remains feminine, romantic and very fashionable.

As a result, pink gemstones are very sought after. Jewellery makers, people involved in fashion and collectors approach their quest for them as a passion. It is said, “diamonds are forever,” for pink diamonds the first characteristic that comes to mind is “feminine” and then “timeless.”

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