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You would like a loose Blue Diamond? If your answer is yes, know that Jaubalet Paris has a large variety of gems of many different shades of Blue.  According to the variation available, weight, and your budget, we can find the perfect stone adapted to your needs.


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Blue Diamond - Jaubalet Paris

Colours and shapes
of LOOSE blue diamonds

All of these modify the initial structure of diamonds and give them their blue colour. 

Light Blue cushion

Diamond Light-Blue - Jaubalet
Diamond Fancy-light-greenish-blue - Jaubalet

Fancy light greenish blue pear shaped

Diamond Fancy-grey-blue - Jaubalet

Fancy grey blue oval shaped

Romanesque Custom-Made Ring - Jaubalet

Blue Diamond

what makes a 
diamond blue? 

There are three known causes that determine diamonds blue colour.   

 -   Traces of boron, an atom, gets into the structure of the gemstones which mainly consist of carbon. Boron is classified in the category of extremely hard chemical elements like carbon.  Consequently, boron makes loose blue diamonds even more resistant.

-    Defects in the production process due to the presence of another element: hydrogen

-    Natural radiation which produces carbon vacancies. 

The Most Famous Loose Blue Diamonds 

The most famous fancy colour loose blue diamonds

 They are not only the most well known but they are also the biggest blue diamonds ever discovered. The three are the Hope 69 carats, the Heart of Eternity27.67 carats, and the Blue Moon 12 carats recently discovered.

 The Hope diamond deserves special attention. This diamond is practically legendary and its history continues be in the news. Around 1663, the gemstone merchant, Jean Baptiste Tavernier, brought it back from India. It attracted the attention of Louis XIV who bought it and had it cut by the jeweller Jean Pittan. He is the one who gave it is shape and the splendour it currently holds. Louis XV inherited it. Called the Blue Crown of France, it was stolen throughout history during lootings. 

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