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You would like a Green Diamond? If your answer is yes, know that Jaubalet Paris has a large variety of gems of many different shades of green.  According to the variation available, weight, and your budget, we can find the perfect stone adapted to your needs.

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Green diamond- Jaubalet Paris

Coulours and shapes
of green diamonds

Like all gems, the green colour is also classified according to different grades of intensity.  That is to say: faint, very light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, and fancy deep.  "Fancy" 

Fancy light greenish blue

Diamond Fancy-light-greenish-blue - Jaubalet
Diamond Fancy-light-yellow-green - Jaubalet

Fancy light yellow green

Diamond Fancy-vivid-green - Jaubalet

Fancy vivid green

Romanesque Custom-Made Ring with green diamond - Jaubalet

Green diamond ring

what makes a 
diamond green? 

A diamonds green colour is suspected to have several causes. Gemmologists have come to agree that three main factors explain this green appearance: natural radiation brought on by carbon vacancies; fluorescence which might be due to the green centre and then defects linked to the presence of hydrogen. The reason for the green centre has yet to be identified.

 The specificities and the unanswered questions surrounding these green gemstones increase their appeal and value. Moreover, they are pure. Indeed, green diamonds are among the fancy colour diamonds that are very difficult to find in the pure hue. It is also the case with orange. They are quite often influenced by secondary hues like yellow, blue, brown, grey and greyish yellow. 

Green Diamond, A Rare and Sought After Diamond 

Most green diamonds come from the mines of Brazil, Ivory Coast and Central Africa Republic and Sierra Leon

The most well known and the biggest is the Dresden Green », 41.70 carats. It was discovered in Africa and today is in the Albertinium Museum in Dresden Germany. 

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