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You would like a yellow diamond? If your answer is yes, know that Jaubalet Paris has a large variety of gems of many different shades of yellow.  According to the variation available, weight, and your budget, we can find the perfect stone adapted to your needs.

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Yellow diamond - Jaubalet

Colours and shapes

of yellow diamonds

The yellow colour in diamonds breaks down and produces a more or less intense saturation. Nine possible hues are possible as can be seen in the photo below.   


Fancy yellow

Diamond fancy yellow - Jaubalet
Diamant Fancy-intense-yellow - Jaubalet

Fancy intense yellow

Diamond Vivid-yellow - Jaubalet

Vivid yellow

Diamond Vivid-yellow 1 - Jaubalet

Vivid yellow

what makes a
diamond yellow 

Yellow diamonds are also calledfancy canary diamonds»» or « daffodil diamonds ». As with all fancy colour diamonds the causes for the hue vary. Basically chemical elements mix with the gemstone and give it another aspect. In addition, there can also be other imperfections in the environment where diamonds form. All of this contributes to influencing the diamonds colour.

 Concerning yellow diamonds, roughly three causes come into play. The yellow hue can be due to the aggregation of nitrogen atoms, nitrogen or hydrogen irregularities or isolated nitrogen during formation.

 The link that yellow diamonds have particularly with nitrogen allows them to be classified as Type 1 diamonds. In other words, there are spectral characteristics. 

The notoriety of yellow diamonds

 Unlike other fancy colour diamonds, yellow gemstones are quite well known. The regular use of yellow diamonds in jewellery making and luxury jewellery design and crafting contributed to its notoriety as does the number of world famous stars on red carpets throughout the world who wear them.

 Among the most famous diamonds two of them are yellow diamonds: the Golden Jubilee (544.76 carats) and the Allnatt (101.29 carats)


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