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buy your LOOSE orange diamond with jaubalet paris

You would like a Orange Diamond? If your answer is yes, know that Jaubalet Paris has a large variety of gems of many different shades of orange.  According to the variation available, weight, and your budget, we can find the perfect stone adapted to your needs.

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orange diamond - Jaubalet Paris

Colours and shapes
of LOOSE orange diamonds 

Natural fancy colour diamonds are ranked according to their intensity going from Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep to Fancy Dark. 

Fancy Orange Brown

Diamond Fancy-Orange-Brown - Jaubalet
Fancy-Vivid-orangy-yellow diamond- Jaubalet

Fancy Vivid orangy yellow

Diamond Fancy-orangy-Pink - Jaubalet

Fancy orangy Pink

Diamond Fancy-intense-yellow-orange - Jaubalet

Fancy intense yellow orange

what makes a LOOSE orange DIAMOND? 

Orange diamonds are relatively rare gemstones. Their orange colour can be explained by their atomic structure. It is noteworthy to know that diamonds are precious gemstones mainly consisting of carbon.

When other chemical elements are mixed with them such as nitrogen and there are also vacancies, the combination these circumstances produce an orange colour gemstone.

 The biggest orange diamond mines are located in the Congo Democratic Republic and Central Africa Republic. The origin also counts as a factor determining the colour and nature of a gemstone. 

Flawless loose orange diamonds are highly sought after.

 Despite the fact that loose orange diamonds are relatively rare, they are highly sought after by jewellers and collectors alike. It is indeed very difficult to find flawless orange colour gemstones. There is generally a secondary colour that influences gemstones of this colour. Therefore, most of the time orange diamonds will have yellow or brown hues. These factors also affect their price. Flawless loose orange diamonds will be far more expensive than those with yellow, brown or pink influences.

 Maison Jaubalet recommends taking into account other factors as well, including fluctuations between supply and demand and the current availability of the gemstones. It is the combination of these aspects that contributes to the varying prices of these diamonds.

 (14.82 carats) was sold for roughly 26 million euros.)

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