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our delivery policy in france and abroad

Jaubalet Paris serves clients throughout the globe.  To assure that the delivery goes smoothly and in a secure fashion, we only use companies who are known for quality transport.  In France, all deliveries are done by the Post Office and are marked “Valuable” which allows the merchandise to be handled carefully.  You must sign for your package with a reception form as legal proof.    

For urgent deliveries, We can use the UPS Service or another transport service.  In all cases we guarantee that you will be given your package in person and asked to sign for it.  We do not have any logos on our packaging.  Your packaging is as high quality as the piece inside.  Our delivery time goes from 10 days to 4 weeks depending on the model.  At the time of the order, we ask you to pay 70% of the total amount.  For the second payment, we will email you 4 or 5 days before the delivery so that you can pay by wire transfer or by credit card on our site.  All deliveries are complementary in metropolitan France.   

Last Updated: November 2015 

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