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Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Very rare, but also fascinating, the black diamond gives a secretive side to your engagement ring.  Isn't love mysterious? Few people are able to give a concrete definition to the word "love".  Everybody has their won interpretation.  The Black Diamond Engagement Ring is dark, elegant, and original.  

Black Diamond Engagement Ring, Mysterious Love  

Far from classic single white diamond or even little colourless diamonds set around the ring, your future wife who has a distinctive taste, likes dark colours that are discreet and elegant.  Do not hesitate, offer her a Black Diamond Engagement Ring.  

Black Diamond Engagement Ring, Indestructible Love

A diamond is a diamond.  Whether it is yellow, champagne, or black....These stones have a durability that cannot be compared to anything else.  That is the reason why they symbolise love that is pure, strong, and durable.  The fact that your ring is black does not diminish its resistance, nor its characteristics as a diamond.  Far from it...its particularity adds charm.  

Black Diamond Engagement Ring with Jaubalet 

The colour of your diamond constitutes the only uniqueness of your Black Diamond Engagement Ring.  This is why Maison Jaubalet recommends a single diamond ring for this occasion.  The contrast with a platinum band, on white gold, yellow gold, or pink enhances your black diamond.  If nevertheless, you are seduced by different models of engagement rings presented on our website, you may personalise them.  If to the contrary, you wish for an exceptional piece, opt for a Custom-Made Black Diamond Engagement Ring.

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