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Men’s White gold rings

A ring is undoubtedly one of the most popular pieces of jewellery that exists. Whether it is made of precious metals or is simply a piece of costume jewellery, or whether it  is worn on the ring finger, the little finger or even on a toe, it always makes a beautiful fashion statement. Today men’s rings appeal to all jewellery lovers thanks to their unbelievable versatility and subtle nuances. White gold is gentlemen’s preferred metal as it is both discreet and at home wherever it is worn. Today white gold is as popular as ever.

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Men’s white gold rings: Classy and subtle

One could wonder why men’s white gold rings are a man’s favourite, when for a long time men shied away from jewellery as it was associated with not being very manly. Concerning the characteristics of white gold, It is important to note that it is an alloy of yellow gold, palladium and copper, the role of which is to give this gold its white or even silver tint. Various alloys can be considered according to the white desired

By observing the number of karats it’s possible to identify the alloy of particular white gold. For example 20 karat white gold is obtained from yellow gold and palladium, whereas 18 karat white gold is made up of an alloy of yellow gold, silver and copper. As for 14 karat white gold, it is a combination of yellow gold, silver copper and a large quantity of zinc. The quantity of the various alloys brings about the various nuances from white or grey to bluish silver or pinkish.

Despite the name, it is very rare to find white gold that is actually white. To obtain white, it is necessary to add a layer of bright and shiny white metal. In this case, rhodium or platinum plating is added. Whatever the alloy and association of metals, white gold remains resistant to nicks and scratches.

Caring for men’s white gold rings

Men’s white gold rings require a certain amount of care in order to maintain their initial shine due to the fact that white gold tends to oxydise more easily due to the numerous components in the alloys. The rhodium or platinum plating added to produce the white colour may lose its shine and yellow over time. It is therefore necessary to have your jeweller replate the ring in order to renew the shine. In the end the purchase price of white gold may be less expensive but it requires more professional care in the long term. Replating  may be necessary every two or three years. Nevertheless, except for this, white gold does not require much care on a daily basis. Simply avoid too much contact with moisture and clean it with a soft cloth.

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