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Men’s rings

A ring is just that a piece of jewellery in the shape of a ring in other words a circular band that can vary in thickness and is made of various materials. Since its creation 21,000 years ago, many peoples have made rings a part of their culture, modifying them and giving them various characteristics and meaning. Rings have indeed been made of plastic, wood, metal, glass and even animal bone. According to the specific model, they can be set with precious or semi-precious gemstones. Unlike what many people think, rings are not only worn by women. Throughout history it was more common for men to wear such jewellery. Rings actually carried specific meaning for the wearer and although in the 21st century it is less the case, they still do carry symbolic meaning.

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The history of men’s rings.

Ancient civilizations made and used rings for various reasons. The oldest rings ever discovered were found in what is today the Czech Republic. They were made of mammoth ivory and were used both as decoration and as money. Archeologists discovered rings belonging to the Hittites, most of which were like signet rings. The Egyptians also possessed various kinds of rings that often bore the name of divinities and which served as trade signet rings.

Greek rings were inspired by Egyptian ones, even if they were less imposing and were made of less precious metals such as bronze. In the Middle Ages, rings took on the symbolism of power and high social ranking. Some also, serving as amulets, were engraved with occult symbols while others represented the memory of someone deceased. 

Types of men’s rings

Wedding bands: wedding bands are rings exchanged between spouses when they marry. They are often extremely neutral in aspect, fine and made of a single material, often gold. They represent love, belonging to his or her beloved and must be worn with pride

Signet rings: Signet rings bear a symbol or the initials engraved on the bezel (normally the base where the gemstone is set. Signet rings inspire respect and admiration because they were and still are in certain families the sign of descending from a dynasty. They therefore indicate that the wearer is perpetuating the family name. Signet rings are often made of gold or engraved with the family’s initials or coats of arms. In the past, those who were not of noble birth were not allowed to engrave their signet rings. Only those living in Paris were permitted to do so.  According to tradition the eldest son wears it on his left ring finger and the other members of the family wear it on the right ring finger. Today, however, everyone is free to engrave whatever they like and wear the ring on any finger.

Other rings:

multiple band rings, armour rings, championship rings…There are as many men’s rings as there are personalities associated with men. It’s up to men to select the ring that best suits them, place in on the finger they want and associate the style to be fully one with it. Above all the symbolism of the ring will match the role you give it.

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