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Buying Rubies Online

Hue is the main criterion to consider when buying a ruby. The more intense and vibrant the red colour isthe rarer and more expensive it will be. There are three colour grades for rubies: very red, medium red and pinkish red.  Jaubalet offers heat-treated rubies.  The heat enhances the natural colour of the gem.  Since this occurs naturally, it does not alter the gem and is a tradition used by many expert jewellers.  However, if you would like a non heat-treated ruby, please contact us. 

  • Buying Rubies Online
Expert advices

Carat Weight

Generally speaking, the heavier precious gemstones are, the more expensive they are.  Rubies are the exception.  High quality rubies weighing less than 3 carats will be of higher value than big rubies weighing around one hundred carats with low clarity. One reason for this is the difficulty in cutting big rubies due to the inclusions that are present. Buy these rubies directly online:

1 carat (Ø5.8-6.4mm)

1.5 carat (Ø6.3-7.1mm)

2 carats (Ø7.0-7.6mm)

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